Saturday, December 29, 2007

A birthday request...

I am 44 today (did I just write that?!?!?)! For my birthday, I would dearly love someone to design a retro blog banner for this blog. Anyone? Bueller? *hears crickets*


Cheryl said...

O honaye... if only I was able to create things that didn't have poop or clean blood (aka my cousin from redbank NJ or menstrual bloods) flying out of it. My life is real hard. Do not dispairs tho. Look on the bright side of life... or, alternatively, go tanning w/out those sunglass thingies--everything will be much harder to see and thus better. Mostly. :)

Retromodgirl said...

Well, Cheryl, at least you made my weekend by commenting. Thank you for taking time to read my blog!

Now, is there anything I can do for you?

Cheryl said...

O HONAYE! Just listening to my progrum, sending me money or presents, or emmmmmmm well... Im not allowed to talk about the last thing on account of a court order. I can tell you this much, it doesn't have to do with pr0n or children. MOWKAY! :)

Retromodgirl said...

Oookaay....well, good luck with that.

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Hi, Happy Birthday (belated) to you.

And thanks for the blog visit, earlier-- I thought I would check out what you were up to; with a name like RetroModGirl, I was pretty sure it would be fun!

The 50s design really has some longevity; I'm hearing from MCM collectors online that it's getting harder to find pieces at thrifts and flea markets. Are you finding that, too?

Though I've still had some good luck finding retro table cloths, hankies and aprons.

Happy hunting!

Retromodgirl said...

Hi, Jenn, thank you so much for the birthday wish, and for reading my blog! Yours was a lot of fun, too!

Yes, the pieces I collected in the 80s that were so plentiful--jadeite, fiestaware, lustroware, etc.--are rare as hen's teeth now and very expensive. But--as I am sure you do too--I still find great thrift items for low prices that I can spruce up with paint or fabric. And yes, I still find lots of vintage tablecloths and tea towels. Last weekend, I bought three tablecloths at a charity shop for about $1 each. They would have been worth about $20-30 each on eBay. Oh, and I find MCM dishware is still easy to find at flea markets.

I guess hunting for the good stuff really does pay off!

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