Monday, February 18, 2008

The 1950 House

As I read the phenomenal post about 1950s house museums at my one of my new favorite retro blogs, Retro Renovation , I was reminded of the prettiest 50s house museum I ever visited, the 1950 House at the Shelburne Museum in Stowe, Vermont. It is a fun day-trip if you are already there to ski or site-see, and the Shelburne Museum boasts a lighthouse, a riverboat, and many Colonial buildings featuring quilt and folk art exhibits.

Here are links to my own pics of the house when I visited:

The 1950 House kitchen cabinets--Flickr link

Retromodgirl in the 1950 House kitchen--Flickr link

The 1950 house website is here: The 1950 House


50s Pam said...

Hi RetroModGirl, this is 50s Pam over at Thank you so much for your mention of my blog and for the link. I love your blog too and have added you to my blogroll. Thanks also for this great post about the Shelburne Farms 50s house. I had heard about it before including that it was great. I will do post on it, too, soon - and will use some of your pics as well, if that's okay. Take care!!!! Pam

Retromodgirl said...

Thanks for your kind words, Pam. Thanks also for the link sharing and I would be flattered if you use my pictures on your site!

Closet said...

There's just something lovely in your post. I agree with Pam. Happy blogging.
- Kathy

Jenise said...

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joy said...

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Sincerely Retro said...

Love, love, love the 1950's house, especially that stove in the kitchen. What I would give to have one like that!

lori said...

RetroModGirl this is great share, I really glad to see the 1950's house because I haven't seen this before, this is looks like very clean and fantastic interior designed in 1950's! Thanks for sharing this I really like your blog and this lovely pictures too.

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Alyssatom said...

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