Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life is Swell at the Shady Dell!

As seen in that perennially cheery mag, Everyday With Rachel Ray, The Shady Dell in Brisbee, Arizona is THE retro place to stay when you're out west. It is in a restored 1949 trailer park. Brisbee is, as the Shady Dell people say on their site, "...a mile-high historic copper mining town in the Mule Mountains, a stone's throw from the Mexican border. Founded in 1880, Bisbee was home to the famous and infamous, and was considered to be the hottest spot between El Paso and San Francisco." This cool resort has fully restored Airstreams and other trailers to stay in while seeing the wild west. The rates are very reasonable, between $45 and $145 a night. And there is bebop playing as you walk in the door! Trailers are equipped with phonographs. And if you get hungry, there is also a quaint diner in a refurbished Airstream nearby. I can't wait to visit!

Their website is here: The Shady Dell.


Erika said...

How fabulous! I can just imagine road tripping with the Love Muffin and staying for a night here. I LOVE airstreams and have dreamt of having one for too long. Ahh, priorities.

Thanks for

Retromodgirl said...

A girl after my own heart! I have dreamed of owning an Airstream too for a long time. Complete with boomerang-motif curtains and a chrome dinette. Guess I'll go buy a lottery ticket...

If you go to the Shady Dell, please send pictures!

Thanks for commenting!

Monica said...

i want to go there, I have had it daved in my favorites for a while now!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to go! Thanks for posting this.

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