Sunday, March 02, 2008

My favorite Etsy seller so far

I've fallen head over go-go boots for CreativePal on Etsy! His lamps are the most retro- stylish, innovative, and original items I have seen in a long time. And he made a lamp out of one of my favorite subjects--the Hope/Crosby road movies! I am entranced.

He says on his Etsy profile: "I have been called 'the hardest working writer in show business,' and at the same time, coming to my home has been likened to visiting the Museum of 'Paul.' I pride myself on thinking outside the box whenever possible, limited only by my own imagination. I have always loved my work; therefore it’s not really work at all, but a chance to bring things to life that didn’t exist ten minutes ago."

Check out CreativePal's brilliance!
Link for this item is here
Link to the shop is here


Mhel said...

wow! nice lamp. we have a few stores here in the PHil's that market retro stuff.. sad...

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