Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why wish for the moon when we have the stars?

Oh, to stay at home and garden and cook and decorate all day! Which is very hard to do when you work from 7 am to 7 pm 5 days a week! It hurts to do office work when the sun is beaming outside and your yard looks like a sea of emerald glittering in the light as you leave in the mornings. My neighbors are stay-at-home moms in this small rural town, while my fiance and I work 60 miles away, 12 hours a day. It seems really unfair. But then it is all the sweeter to see our dear little blue bungalow when we return home, with an hour or two of daylight left to see our pets and flowers and porch and my sweet stepdaughter. I suppose I cherish that time much more than my neighbors cherish their all-day routines. But a little more time to enjoy it all would be nice!

In other news: The baby hawks on the Dunn Memorial bridge bird cam are growing bigger! The link is here: Dunn Memorial Bridge Falcon Nest Now we have our own hawks to rival New York City's!

Our town's little Beechnut plant is finally saying goodbye: Beech-Nut to break ground on $124M project

I would love to live in this house,as it is .5 miles from my job:

House listing pics are here: Troy House

...But if I moved I would miss the "Stop for Amish Buggies" signs, the homemade farm bread and farm markets, the sweeping views of centuries-old barns and silos on hilltops, the eagles soaring through the sky, and being able to see the patchwork of country fields from my front porch as I sip my coffee in the morning. And I would miss my and my neighbors' communal backyard and clothesline, the village coffee shop and antiques store, the sound of trains passing in the night, the sight of the Mohawk river rushing past my car window, the hawks circling lazily in the breeze, the geese and goslings nesting at mile marker 192 of the Thruway, and the deer eating grass by the riverside. It is all so lovely here. Maybe one day I will be able to sit and enjoy it for more than a day at a time...


Heidi Ann said...

It sounds like you are in a pretty nice place to me! I wish for you that you had more time to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Aww that is very sweet. I, like you wish for a life like that, or what was before things changed in this world!

That is what life is missing for people, a return to the simple old fashioned style. Give me rows of cottages, and home grown gardens any day. Stay at home mom's with marcel waves & warm cookies. I love it all, and i like to think, still somewhere life is like that!!

great blog, I really enjoy it!!

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