Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Retro Restaurants Live!!

Started in 1975, this is a continuously retro fondue restaurant. You have to check out the kitschy interactive website for this place, featuring impossibly ecstatic patrons, kick-ass drink recipes, and elevator musak! The Melting Pot

As referenced here (in a topic about inventing a restaurant that only serves outdated retro foods like fondue and chop suey): Flickr user Dania Hurley's comment, on Joey Harrison's Flickr page

I am so happy that there is a franchise coming soon to my area at Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY!


Gunnar Johnson said...

Your blog is awesome! I love all this stuff. I especially like hearing "Night Train" unexpectedly at my desk at work while I'm goofing off. I've got a blog about seeing stuff (retro and not) on long roadtrips. If you care to check it out, here's the address:
Cheers! Gunnar Johnson

GoRetroGirl said...

I have a Melting Pot restaurant in my area but have yet to try it because it's so pricey.

I love your blog! Followed a link from a comment you made on ILuvRetroThings. Nice to know there are others that share my passion...check out my blog sometime, you might enjoy it. Have a great day.

Mo said...

How timely, I was up late last night and 'Swingtown' came on - hadn't seen it before - and lo and behold - we had a fondue pot which was used in an adult game. Spooky.

Retromodgirl said...

Gunnar--Thanks so much for the compliments. Your blog rocks too, and I added it to my blogroll! Come back soon!

GoRetroGirl--Thank you for the kind words. Love your blog also, and added it to my blogroll.

Mo--Is that new show good? I can't wait to watch it to see the clothes, styles, and furnishings I grew up with. Thanks for visiting!

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