Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Waitiki--Exotica for the Modern Age

As seen and heard on the Retro Cocktail Hour , Waitiki is a new take on bachelor pad exotica. As they say in their press kit:

"WAITIKI is a Boston-based classic exotica group that takes audiences on South Pacific sound adventures like no other! Along with its own library of original exotica music, WAITIKI also pays tribute to the classic tiki sounds of Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter,and Robert Drasnin. Started on a whim in 2003 by Honolulu musicians Randy Wong and Abe Lagrimas Jr., WAITIKI has since garnered praise and critical acclaim throughout the world. In 2005, the group headlined the Hawai’i International Jazz Festival, performing a musical homage to Martin Denny. In 2006, the group became known in Mexico when their side project, the WAITIKI Orchestrotica” performed original big band arrangements inspired by Juan Garcia Esquivel at Mexico City’s Festival de Mexico, an annual international event that celebrates Mexican culture and the arts. Recently, WAITIKI won Hawaii Music Awards for its first and second albums; the group’s first win (in 2006) was a dual honor, in that the category (Exotica Album of the Year)was created for the group, in recognition of their efforts for bringing exotic tiki music back to popularity. WAITIKI is also known for its original drink menu and exotic tiki collectibles created in its honor, such as: cocktail recipes by Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry, comic books by Hey Boy! Hey Girl! Designs, and prints by master tiki illustrator Sam Gambino.

For Booking, Merchandise sales, or just to “talk story”, Call Randy Wong: 617.771.7971 or 808.554.5042 (808 # for Hawaii callers only please. E-Mail: • Online: We travel to all states and countries!"

Go here for more details, and to hear Waitiki's great sound:Waitiki!

Also, check out the Waitiki concert sponsored by KPNR:

As stated on the site: "WAITIKI, the Boston-based modern exotica band, will be performing live in Lawrence, KS for a special show hosted by Kansas Public Radio’s Retro Cocktail Hour, in celebration of the program’s 500th broadcast!

It’ll be an exotic, once-in-a-lifetime South Pacific sound adventure like no other, featuring classic music by Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, and others, plus original tunes by the band. Besides the unforgettable music, there’ll be a full service tiki bar (serving drink recipes by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and Kern Mattei from the Official WAITIKI Drink Menu) and a dance floor, so come early and party all night!

The Lawrence, KS performance marks the American debut of the new WAITIKI Septet, the same band that made its European debut at the Wassermusik Festival in Berlin, Germany, this past July. Modeled after the classic live exotica groups of Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Augie Colon, and others, the WAITIKI Septet plays original arrangements of tiki tunes that made the genre famous—and is the only group of today to perform in the true exotica tradition.

Unique to the Septet (and unlike many other exotica bands), hip dance grooves and improvisation play significant parts in the group’s collaborative musicianship, and its all-star lineup of musicians make its show an unbelievable presentation of talent, artistry, and sonic delights."

Can't wait to check them out!


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