Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Love Lucy New Year's Eve Marathon is On!!

The I Love Lucy New Year's Eve Best-of Marathon is on TVLand!!!!!! Happy New Year, dear readers!!

For more information and schedule, go here: TVLand Official I Love Lucy Show Site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours! Where upstate do you live? I am from Albany and my husband and I were stationed at Ft Drum in Watertown for a bit.

Retromodgirl said...

I am from Albany, too, and now live nearby in the country. Please email me at and we can reminisce about good ol' upstate NY!!

The Demode Diva said...

I adore I Love Lucy! they never show it here though :( I buy it on DVD

I'm always over at Cathys Closet eyeing up the Lucy paraphernalia!

Retromodgirl said...

The Demode Diva,

Link to Cathy's Closet, pretty please?

The Demode Diva said...

Don't blame me if you spend all your money though! ; D

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