Thursday, April 09, 2009

Be a Retro Pinup for a Day!

From Actiongirl's Atomic Cheesecake Studios' Flickr page

As seen on Deluxeville, MaryDeluxe's awesome blog, Atomic Cheescake Studios is a place where you can be a retro pinup for a day! How much fun is that?!?!

Here is a five-star review on Yelp from a gal named Cynthia who visited the studios:

Yesterday, I actually took a day off to visit with Stacey Barich, (aka: Action Girl) of Atomic Cheesecake Studios. It was quite possibly the MOST fun I've ever had while partially clothed. Stacey is an incredibly talented Baltimore photographer who specializes in the art of Classic American Pinup know, the stuff that made guys like Vargas and Elvgren famous. Heels, garters, real stockings, girdles, pinrolls, crinolines, leopard prints, peek-a-boo faces, and pure glam-o-rama topped with a generous dose of Aqua-Net, that's what her art is about. And she does it from the ground up. We showed up freshly scrubbed and let Stacey do her magic. All three of us were maxed up into sultry glamour queens from days gone with such expertise that Bette Davis would have been happy to share a PallMal and a gimlet with us.
This isn't "Glamor shots" mall photography, it's the real 1940's and 50's deal. Authentic makeup and hair. Expertly applied makeup. She actually got my shaggy mop into a proper sausage roll, and then onto a Glamazon extension.

After hair and makeup, came clothing...or lack of it. Stacey offers a huge selection of real, vintage dresses, props, accessories and the complicated undergarments of days gone by. We were actually stunned with the choices offered...and it took awhile to make up our minds. There was just so much to choose from and it was so much fun. We all reverted to girls playing dressup, while Stacey patiently helped us with mix, match, choose and primp, all the while keeping us in stitches.

If this sounds like an ad for Atomic Cheesecake, then good. Seriously, I was SO IMPRESSED with the process and we had so much fun, the photos themselves almost feel secondary in importance. But her photos are to DIE for as well. And there as historically accurate as you can hope for. Real, honest to goodness pinup goodness!
The pics themselves will take about a month before they arrive, but if you look at her portfolio online or on her Myspace, you'll see they are well worth the wait.

Stacey of Atomic Cheesecake is a master with a makeup brush, a rat-tail comb, AND the camera. From prep, to pose, to photo, to final product, her pin-up photography is impossible to match in fun and visual impact. She's a modern master of the Pin-Up. I promise you will not be disappointed.

--Cynthia R., Washington, DC


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Oh What fun! I would LOVE to have done that too. Will try to find the equivalent in UK! Glad you enjoyed it. I am about to look at the links that you mention.
Have a lovely Easter
Isabelle x

Lauren said...

that sounds like way to much fun!

Mamapants said...

Too fun!

The Demode Diva said...

All the cool stuff is in the US! I would ask for this for my birthday. What a fab idea

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't want to be a Vargas girl?!? LOVE IT!


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