Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another trip to Aunt Katie's Attic, in pictures

The hubby and I ambled into Aunt Katie's again recently, and there was Aunt Katie herself, flying about, arranging displays and happily chatting with customers. This lady never stops, she is a kitchen thrift dynamo! I have never seen anyone work so hard in my life! Well, the store was completely changed and refreshed since we last visited. There is always something exciting and different when we go. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the Wall O' Pyrex inside the front door. Lord, it was beautiful. It made me realize how disorganized my own Pyrex displays were at home(more on that in another post), and how I could spruce up my collection with some homemade shelving built by hubby (and so he announced to Ms. Katie's talented assistant, who shook her head and laughed in recognition).

Here are a few of the pictures I took that day of that happy trip. Interestingly, I walked out with nothing concrete to show for it but a handful of quirky images:

These were on the second floor, which I call the "dress-up room," since it has so many mannequins and vintage clothes and little dressing room nooks furnished with funky bureaus whose drawers spill over with scarves and gloves and purses and shoes. It is just glorious!

I could buy this entire set of jadeite. Somehow, I resist it every time.

Aunt Katie's is primarily kitchenware, and this is a prime example of the treasures you will find here.

This lady looks quite pleased with herself in her Hollywood shades, pink lipstick and pearls.

I gasped when I saw this! A little beyond my thrifting price range, but lovely anyway.

This set would look great in an all-pink 50s kitchen. Too bad mine is red, yellow and and white.

I don't know about you, but this gave me pretty visions of a sea of Pyrex on display shelves in my home for as far as the eye could see...and I could fill those shelves, too.

I wish I had taken a video of this, so you could see how all the little tails and eyes moved at once! It was mesmerizing (I am easily amused).

This is the type of dinette set that makes my heart beat faster. It has all the classic elements--cracked ice formica and glossy vinyl and lots of cuves and chrome. Sigh.

What would this be used for? Does anyone know? It is cute, though.

This cheerful kitchen goddess greets you in Aunt Katie's model retro kitchen, which is complete with a 1950s stove and fridge, all the vintage pots, pans, and coffeemakers you would ever need, and a load of kitschy style. Aunt Katie has truly outdone herself again!

You can see the whole set of pictures on my Aunt Katie's Attic 2009 Flickr set.



MoonDoggie said...

What a wonderful place!

The 'holiday hound' looks like one of those things you put to stop drafts coming in under your door - think they're called draft excluders. But he doesn't seem long enough for that and I have no idea what the green wire on top would be for.

Jane Doe said...

That is some cool stuff! I want the kitty clock!!

My Little Corner said...

oh wow! I just love looking at all those photos. I wish I could go there, it sounds like Disneyland to me! Lots of cool stuff.

thanks for posting those great photos, I'm going to come back to this post to look again and again!

Monica said...

sigh, I love this place and that table IS amazing!

Emily said...

What an awesome store!!


roseylittlethings said...

what a fab store, Love the pink table, would be fab in my pink kitchen:)

Amy said...

ooh looks like my type of place! I would have so much fun there!

Tom K said...


Miss CherryBubbles said...

Thank you for sharing! Aunt Katie's Attic looks like a place I need to visit! Lotsa fabulous stuff I'm pretty sure I can't live without ;)

The holiday hound might be a holder to display holiday cards - pop the edge of a card into the green spring-like thing on top...

aunt katie said...

Hello Miss Retromodgirl!
I see you have been stealthily slinking around the shop again without my knowledge. I am beginning to think your are a spy for the other side. I am blushing from your high praise, and heat from the re-decorating....Please inerrupt me to introduce yourself on your next visit, as I would love to meet the inventive woman who produces this fabtastic blog! I also wanted you to know that that little 'hot dog" with the springs, is indeed a kitschy holiday card caddy. I just imagine it sitting on someone's Heywood Wakefield coffee table filled with Christmas cards from all of those martini drinking neighbors. I am happy you love the shop, are you on the newsletter? I just started blogging again and I would love some pointers from a pro.
Thanks for being an vintagette,
aunt katie

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