Tuesday, August 11, 2009

eHow.com's 1960s Fashion Video Series

1960s Retro Mod Dressing -- powered by eHow.com

While Googling "retro mod," my favorite search (surprise, surprise), I found this fun video series about 60s fashion on eHow.com. In this series, instructor Maia Kushick explains 60s fashions, makeup, and even sociology. In the above video, she shows you how to dress early 60s chic, and how to interpret the method behind the fashion madness.

You can view the whole series here.



Lizzy said...

Well...I think that video is too short , perhaps I was expecting more.

Retromodgirl said...

I agree, Lizzy, it is rather short. But it is part of a whole series on makeup, hair, etc from the 60s. Go here for the whole series.

Thank you for commenting, doll!

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