Thursday, September 03, 2009

Retro Cocktail Hour Roundup

Here is the line up from last week's Retro Cocktail Hour show, as sent to me by email today:

The Retro Cocktail Hour
Pgm. #495 - August 29, 2009
(* denotes LP / OST = Original Soundtrack)

Title: Pagan Ritual
Artist: Si Zentner and his Orchestra / Martin Denny
Album: Exotica Suite
Label: Liberty LSS-14020 *

Title: Coronation
Artist: Martin Denny
Album: Quiet Village
Label: Scamp SCP-9715

Title: Jasmine and Jade
Artist: Axel Stordahl and his Orchestra
Album: Jasmine and Jade
Label: Dot DLP-25282 *

Title: The Shining Sea
Artist: The Kokee Band
Album: Hawaii and Other Exotic Movie Themes
Label: Solid State SS-18010 *

Title: The Hukilau Song
Artist: Chick Floyd and his Orchestra
Album: Little Grass Shack
Label: Liberty LST-7129 *

Title: Rendezvous in Okonkuluku
Artist: Waitiki
Album: Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

Title: Friendly Island
Artist: Ethel Azama
Album: Exotic Dreams
Label: Liberty LST-7104 *

Title: Soft Green Seas
Artist: Warren Barker
Album: Hawaiian Eye OST
Label: Warner Bros. WS-1355 *

Title: Carnivalito
Artist: Warren Barker and his Orchestra
Album: A Musical Touch of Faraway Places
Label: Warner Bros. WS-1308 *

Title: Cuban Mambo
Artist: Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra
Album: The King Plays Some Aces
Label: RCA LSP-1882 *

Title: Zambia
Artist: Machito and his Afro Cubans
Album: The Best of the Mambo, Vol. 1
Label: RCA 3310-2-RL

Title: Watch Your Step
Artist: The George Shearing Quintet
Album: Latin Escapade
Label: Capitol SM-11454 *

Title: Jungle Drums
Artist: Esquivel and his Orchestra
Album: Exploring New Sounds in Sonorama
Label: RCA Spain 580532

Title: Jungle Drums (Stereo Action version)
Artist: Esquivel and his Orchestra
Album: Latin-esque
Label: RCA LSA-2418 *

Title: Quiet Village
Artist: Eddie Baxter
Album: The Fantastic Sounds of Eddie Baxter
Label: Dot DLP-25551 *

Title: Tabu
Artist: The Kronos Quartet
Album: Nuevo
Label: Nonesuch 79649-2

Title: African Echoes
Artist: Ferrante and Teicher
Album: Soundproof
Label: Westminster WP-6014 *

Title: Avanti
Artist: Ben Vaughn
Album: Designs in Music
Label: Soundstage 15-001

Title: Spanish Flea
Artist: Jet Set Sweden
Album: Goodbye Pluto
Label: Ajabu 007

Title: Light My Fire
Artist: Enoch Light and the Glittering Guitars
Album: Enoch Light and the Glittering Guitars
Label: Project 3 PR 5038SD *

Title: Mirror of Love
Artist: Walter Wanderley
Album: Moondreams
Label: Universal Classics 9363

Title: Naomi
Artist: Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra
Album: Changing Colors
Label: MPS MB-20924 *

Title: Un homme et une femme
Artist: Yoko Kishi / Singers Three
Album: Living Harmony: Charm and Gentle
Label: Solid/Ultra-Vybe 1092

Title: Bossa Nova (in the Restaurant)
Artist: Ken Thorne
Album: Film Bossa, Vol. 6
Label: Rare Groove RG-2011

Title: A toute allure
Artist: Andy Loore and his Orchestra
Album: Water Show
Label: Montparnasse 2000 MP-55 *

Title: The Young Set
Artist: Ray Martin and his Orchestra
Album: Thunderball and Other Thriller Music
Label: RCA Camden CAS-927 *

Title: Slow Lady
Artist: Piero Piccioni
Album: Il Medico della Mutua OST
Label: Digitmovies GDM-2042

Title: Les Problemes
Artist: Les Soeurs Winchester
Album: Les Soeurs Winchester
Label: Barclay/Polygram 537865

Title: Charade
Artist: Akira Tana
Album: Secret Agent Men
Label: Sons of Sound SSPCD012

Title: 87th Precinct Theme
Artist: Pete Rugolo and his Orchestra
Album: TV Top Themes
Label: Mercury SR-60706 *

Title: The Time Traveler
Artist: Shaynee Rainbolt
Album: Charmed Life
Label: Rainbolt SFR0803

Title: Journey to Infinity
Artist: Frank Comstock Orchestra / Paul Tanner
Album: Music from Outer Space
Label: Warner Bros. WS-1463 *

Title: Sounds of the Deep
Artist: Sven Libaek
Album: Inner Space OST
Label: Votary 001CD

Hear The Retro Cocktail Hour every Saturday at 7:00pm Central on the stations of Kansas Public Radio (KANU, Lawrence FM 91.5; KANH, Emporia FM 89.7; and KANV, Olsburg-Junction City FM 91.3) or anytime at the website.

Or listen here.

You can sign up to receive their weekly emails here.

If you want a lively explanation of the different lounge and surf music styles, go to Cherry Capri's "Know Your Exotica" page.



bikim said...

Great!! Thanks for sharing! i do have to come back and take a look at everything! Have a sweet wk,

Mykal said...

Ms. Retromodgirl: That album cover belongs in the Smithsonian. God, do I miss the atomic age. Thanks for the tip about the Retro Cocktail Hour. Thanks for the great Album list as well. What other era could be played to bossa nova or Hawaiian? -- Mykal

Kenneth Elliott said...

The atomic age was a great time period. I would donate some of these covers to local museums. Maybe you can create an exhibit for share some of your material.

real estate agent said...

Great retro music list, tnx

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