Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jack's Diner is Up for Sale!

Remember this entry about Jack's Diner in Albany, NY, my home town? Well, brace yourselves, diner lovers...Jack's is going up for sale! See the real estate ad here: Albany Landmark Diner for Sale. Could someone please lend me, oh, say, $175,000?



Lidian said...

What a gorgeous place! I wish i had the $ to lend you :)

Fine Estate said...

I like this blog so much, I just tweeted about it.

Lot's of creativity, smarts and style.

Good Luck


modbetty said...

Just tried to email you but it bounced back- wanted to say how much I'm digging your blog, and have a lot of fun catching up to do!

Thanks for reporting on the diner- it's so sad when cool old places like that have such an uncertain future!

Fine Estate said...

Thanks...If you want to email me, here's my address martin at

Take Care,


Forever Lady... said...

Hey thanks for the info on this. I am always looking for ANYTHING on vintage fashions. I think your site really rocks sweetie!


Stephanie said...

I absolutely love old diners like these. I come from a small town I love that feeling when you go to pick up food. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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David John said...

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Jack Witson said...

It is really a shocking news that Jack's is going up for sale! I am amazed because as I know it was in demand of everyone so why on sale. You have updated on an important matter.

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