Friday, February 12, 2010

Here's Looking At You, Kid

(Pics courtesy of Everyone Goes to Mick's)

Everyone Goes to Mick's is the wonderful blog of Mick Jordan, who, as his Blogger profile states, is a "Jr in College and I love everything about the 1940's, 1950's. I own a tiny cabin that was built in 1943 and this blog is about everything that goes on there, tips on how to get fantastic vintage and retro finds and just a place to share that cool stuff!" This video, from Mick's Youtube site, showcases the little cabin he bought at 14 and renovated over the next 4 years to retro perfection. He even has a tiny drive-in theater in his backyard! Mick's charming retelling of how he bought and fixed up the Casablanca Resort and Hotel is an enchanting, inspiring read.

And here is his Christmas video:

Find Mick's blog here.



Mick said...

Well Thank You for the wonderful write up! How Sweet, if you email me your mailing adress and i'll gift you with one of our Casablanca postcards :)

Retromodgirl said...

You are welcome, you sooo deserve it!

Vintage Christine said...

Mick's blog is one of my favs, I've been following it almost since he started it. And I love YOUR blog, too, even though all your beautiful graphics made my poor ole computer nearly have a heart attack.

Pam said...

Retromodgirl - First I want to say BRAVO for your blog; I'm so excited to discover more and more kindred spirit bloggers. I'm jogging down memory lane as I read. Hurrah! Thanks for this new link to Mick's blog. I'll be back! Pam @ Sallygoodin

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