Thursday, March 11, 2010

1930s Tested, Mitt Romney Approved

From an ad in the June 1936 edition of Popular Mechanics. As seen here and here and as part of today's AOL "Couldn't Make These Up" news items.



Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I have a Golden Retriever and all 110 pounds of him would be terrified of that strange contraption. How funny. I wonder if the sold many?

Trop Rouge said...

hahahaah I can;t believe this!?
thank you for this funny post.

Jen said...

My dog, a corgi, would flip his shit with this beastly invention! What insanity the 1950s had in store for us, and not just girdles!

Anonymous said...

wow.. who came up with this contraption? I think it would be so scary for the dogs.
Petaaaaaaaa!!!!! :-)

Penny said...

I can almost visualize trying to put the dog in that thing. You probably get scratched as the dog tries to escape, the dog might even snap or bite. The dog would clearly be so frightened, I suspect the human society would even step in and deem it cruelty to animals.

Archie said...

One of the funniest inventions I've ever seen! Imaging trying to put my Golden Retriever into one of these:)

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