Monday, August 16, 2010

Will Wonders Never Cease

Austin, Texas is known as the burgeoning art and crafts mecca of the U.S. After all, it's the place that gave us The Naughty Secretary's Club's Jennifer Perkins, Action Jackson, and Artists for Austin,, to name a few. According to the Austin City Connection, "the creative sector in Austin is a $2.2 billion industry that contributes over $48 million annually to the City tax base and over 44,000 jobs." Part of that vibrant scene revolves around a little diamond in the rough called The Wondercraft,a vintage airstream named Stella turned diy craftsmobile and boutique. According to their website, "the WonderCraft exists to help everyone achieve a more creative lifestyle. The WonderCraft's mission is to propagate daily creativity and passion for its staff, students, local artists and patrons, by way of mobile classes, creative parties and events, and one-of-a-kind, artistic products. These services and products will be offered through a combination of shared space belonging to local businesses and an eye-catching, vintage trailer that travels wherever the need for artistic expression exists. We hope that our iconic Airstream trailer will inspire wonder and leave a trail of creativity in its wake."

Here are some pics of The Wondercraft's innovative owners and boutique:

The WonderCraft gals! top to bottom: Jenifer Bryan, Beth Hempton, Kimberly Sae-Eua & Beth Albrecht.

The Wondercraft's February 2010 Grand Opening.

Renovating Stella.

Stella When She Was First Found in Victoria, Texas

You can buy these here

The Wondercraft is here. If you find yourself in Austin, go explore!



William Bezek said...

I'm really glad the post turned out to be all artsy-fartsy...'cause I was worried at first that they were selling Wonder Bras door to door from their camper!

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Beth H said...

Thanks so much for this super-sweet write-up about us! We were really excited to see this. Love your blog!

Saschi said...

Cool Arse! you know i've spotted a couple of those here in east nashville, one is just "rotting" in a little self made alley. dang! i need to get a picture for you! i dont think its big but its nice!

retro girl, have you thought about say from the 60's and so forth...retro plants? here in tennessee we had "all the rage" plants that we just dont see a lot of now. and really , it was during that time that certain dogs were all the craze.

Action Jackson said...

Great write-up! Love seeing the progression of WonderCraft pics. :) Thanks for mentioning me too! I'm nowhere near as big as NSC, but I think it's pretty cool to be mentioned in the same breath as her.

Mavy said...

Stella looks great! Awesome work, girls and congrats!! =D

xo Mavy

Jabacue said...

I'm new here and think I'll stick around! Especially that I discovered we have something in common.....I too have the Pink Elephant Martini Shaker and Glasses! Looking forward to more of your blog.

Jen said...

Thank you so much for your great blog post! I know Stella appreciates it. We are very proud of how everything is coming along.

Lizzy said...

Oh! I love Stella!

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Following you :)

Welcome to enjoy and follow at

<3 Anika

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

funny funny photos!!!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

Hello lova.. I mean Stella! I love her! She's a beaut!

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Eleanor Hoh said...

You are the cutest blog on the block! Amazing how original and retro you've made this! Great job. Also love Stella airstream and using it for your retro merchandize. A chef in Miami uses his as a food truck. I must upload a ton of pix I took of vintage gas stoves when we were in Atlanta, think you'll like them. We'll definitely visit you if we ever get to Austin. Keep it up.

Hily said...

Great works by Girls and nice to see wonderful craftworks.

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irish kaye said...

That Stuffs was so cute..Antique table can also be an Antique Collectibles.

vmichelle said...

Oooh, I am in Austin. So I'll have to check it out. I love airstreams. I don't know if I want one myself, but they draw me like a magnet.

Kelly said...

I love Airstreams-Becoming-Shops. Its the ultimate fixer upper, and completely American. Always brings a smile to my face.

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