Saturday, June 04, 2011

The 325 Square Foot Home

There is something beautiful, unique and simple about this 320 square foot home, as seen on here on the Consumerist:

Could you live in such a small, efficient little home?



Ruby Rach said...

I would love a house this size! Our place is currently about twice this size (690 square feet) which is small by modern standards, but I reckon we could go even smaller. Smaller place = less junk!

I dream lo-tech said...

What an inspired idea for a house.

I would live in a small house but perhaps a bit bigger than this. I need some space for my vintage stuff, especially my typewriters ( :

Just came across your wonderful blog. I've been searching the blogosphere for retro and most deal with fashion. I'm happy to finally find yours! Will definitely follow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love small and efficient sweet home. Compare to big home, small home is very and efficient to live. Great work.
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