Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Long Time No Post

I see, like others in Blogland, I stopped posting once the so-called smartphone killed a lot of blog creativity since about 2012 or so.  But these are new times, and that calls for new scribblings. I've been blissfully vegan since January 2014 and it's the best decision I ever made! Vegan Links

I still love all things retro and vintage, but now my focus is also advocating for animals and planting the "seeds" of veganism.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Here is my 2015 holiday wishlist:

Vegan patchwork Boho combat boots.  Because, who doesn't want to stand out from the vegan leather Doc Marten crowd?

Instant Pot.  The pressure cooker for the modern-day gourmet.  Ever since I saw Chef AJ make her amazing plant-based soups and stews using one of these babies, I was hooked!

2016 Mason Jar Calendar. How retro cute is this?

MCM Hughes Sofa from Joybird.  Be still my vintage heart. 

Anything from this store.
Miles and miles of MCM goodies under one roof.

I have wanted to try the 30-day juice cleanse.

Antique green enamel lamps. Industrial design perfection.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Beekman 1802, to the tune of Buddy Greco

The American Hotel. Picture courtesy of The American Hotel site.

Old Sharon Springs, NY tourist sign. Picture courtesy of The American Hotel site.

Roseboro Hotel, Sharon Springs, NY. Picture courtesy of The site.

I have always loved my adopted area, The Central NY Mohawk Valley, from the rolling hills and farms to the friendly people. Not only is it Amish Country, but it is a superb blend of bucolic scenery, New York State history, antiques, and retro living. But I recently discovered The Fabulous Beekman Boys , otherwise known as Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, transplanted Manhattanites, and their 1802 farmhouse about 12 miles from me in Sharon Springs, NY. They have a show on Planet Green, and are very active in the Sharon Springs town life. Which is a good thing, because Sharon Springs is a fading tourist town experiencing a cultural resurgence thanks to folks like the Beekman Boys and the proprietors of the American Hotel , among others. In fact, the little mineral springs resort town is now populated by Manhattanites of all sorts, and is more creative and lively because of it. If you want a real old-fashioned rural day trip experience, take Route 20 from Albany, NY all the way to Sharon Springs, and spend time at quaint shops like Cobbler and Company, a refurbished cobbler shop turned antique and novelty store, and The Black Cat Cafe, a wonderful from-scratch bakery and restaurant. For more info on my area, visit the The Mohawk Valley Living blog, and The Sharon Springs Chamber of Commerce site.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a look at the Beekman 1802 mansion's fabulously decorated rooms, to the tune of some swank Ultralounge Buddy Greco. What could be better than rural history, retro decor, and vintage tunes? Happy Holidays!

(Click on the Youtube title link at the top of the video screen to see the video in large scale.)

For more Fabulous Beekman Boys Youtube videos, go here.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Recent Thrift Finds

While we recover from Hurricane Irene's craziness, I will give you a peek at my recent thrift finds (excuse the crummy Blackberry camera pics):

Fondue pot w/utensils found at Johnstown, NY thrift store: $4. Folding theater seats from old Canajoharie, NY High School, found at Settler's Block Antiques, Canajoharie, NY: $200. The seats are stamped "CHS" and are engraved with old student names.

I scored the only two Designs Pyrex mixing bowls (sorry, only one shown) that were made: the 343 1 1/2 quarts and the 344 3 quarts, $18, found at the Village View Variety Shoppe, Lake Luzerne, NY.

My first Friendship Pyrex Cinderella casserole find, $20, found at the Village View Variety Shoppe,Lake Luzerne, NY.

Southern Belle embroidered dresser scarf, $3, Village View Variety Shoppe, Lake Luzerne, NY.

And the piece de resistance for the week so far: 1950s-70s chrome based barrel chair, $3, found at the same Johnstown, NY thrift store as the fondue pot.

I have lots more pics to share when I get around to capturing them. Happy Thrifting, everyone!

Shared at Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday link party.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I Wish I Looked Like Cindy Crawford."--Cindy Crawford

This is for all the beautiful women who think they are not. My favorite quote in this video is by Cindy Crawford, who says, "I Wish I Looked Like Cindy Crawford." This is a must-view for all women.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flea Market Sunday

(photo credit from

We went to the Middleburgh, NY outdoor flea market today, where I scored a set similar to the one above for--wait for it--$11! I have never seen a set like it in any of my Fireking books, or in any antique store for that matter. I also bought a yellow rose tin match holder for $3, a walnut and marble-topped Victorian table for $60, and some vintage advertising crates with great graphics for $5 each. It was a good day.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are They Still Cool? Bueller?

This one speaks for itself.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Gene Kelly Pole-Dances!

I just watched the beginning of The Pirate today with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, and was surprised to see Gene Kelly pole-dance in a movie from 1948! I mean, where were the censors? Anyway, really hot stuff:


Saturday, June 04, 2011

The 325 Square Foot Home

There is something beautiful, unique and simple about this 320 square foot home, as seen on here on the Consumerist:

Could you live in such a small, efficient little home?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stylish Home Decor Round Up

Here are a few home decor treasures I am liking today (click on the links in blue to go to each item):

London Candles,

Mermaid Tea Can, Chalinns on Etsy

Eiffel Tower Grater,

Fifty Dresses that Changed the World,

Marimekko-Samovaari Bed Linens, Crate and Barrel

Happy Birds cushion by RoddyandGinger on Etsy

NYC Globe,

Some Like It Hot Print by Handz on Etsy

Vintage Service for Six, SadieOlive on Etsy


Friday, January 14, 2011

Talk About Cheesy! 1970s Ads

Close your eyes. Step into the Wayback Machine. Imagine there are no computers, no cell phones, no DVDs or Ipods. Imagine a world with books and skate keys and penny candy, vinyl records and 8 track tapes and hokey tv. A world where running around outside with your friends until dark, or playing with Barbies or Hot Wheels or GI Joes, was the most fun a kid could have. Now, imagine that you have taken a break to watch afternoon television. This is what you would see:

I was 15 when this catchy jingle came out. Pizza hut was a Saturday afternoon staple after rollerskating or shopping for us teens. Tip of the hat to RetroJunk and seanmc31076 on You Tube.

This epitomizes my childhood tv viewing experience. We were so innocent then! Includes the famous Mean Joe Green Superbowl Coke ad. Nod to Genius7277 on You Tube.

More retro tv goodness from Genius7277 on You Tube. This was a time of shlock, cigarette ads and sexism. As you can see, the 50s and 60s hairstyles and clothes still lingered in 1970-71. And dig those mini skirts and the shag carpeting!

I hope you have enjoyed your time in the Wayback Machine. Happy Viewing!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Funniest Man on Earth

This is the ultimate in 1980s nostalgia. Jack Rebney, RV salesman and self-titled "angriest man alive," is Winnebago Man in a new documentary about one of the first--albeit unwitting-- viral video stars of Youtube. Directed by Ben Steinbauer, the film features Jack Rebney as they discovered him today, still sharply funny and full of ire. The video itself, which can be found here (beware, not safe for work but outrageously hilarious), is a series of 1988 outtakes from an ad for the 1989 Itasca Sunflyer Winnebago motorhome, narrated by Jack Rebney. It was first circulated on VHS by cast and crew of the ad, which then fell into the hands of VHS tape collectors, who copied and traded it until it ended up on Youtube in 2005. Truly one of the funniest outtakes cllp I have ever watched, and a great statement on the unconscious effect even our most insignificant actions can have on the world. Can't wait for the DVD, which comes out on November 2nd! Read all about Winnebago Man here.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Why do I Love Rotary Phones?

(Hubby in a rotary payphone booth at the antiques mall)

Why do I love rotary phones so much (ranking right up there with my irrational love for canister sets, atomic lampshades, and chrome)? It's bad enough I remember calling my friends on them as a child! I miss the swirl of the dial as you dialed each digit, and you could not wait for the number to connect! Sometimes even now, I have to look around to find the rotary phone when I am out and hear someone's "retro" cell ring tone...Recently we put a red rotary table phone in our bedroom, and I can now say we are both half-deaf and highly nervous...that was taken out ASAP! We put it there because it is one of the only rooms in this "quaint" (translation, hard-to-live-in) 1920 money pit with a phone jack, other than the kitchen, where the microwave sits. I wonder, how did we stand them growing up?

Orange Rotary Phone
Originally uploaded by redgiantsfan


Monday, August 16, 2010

Will Wonders Never Cease

Austin, Texas is known as the burgeoning art and crafts mecca of the U.S. After all, it's the place that gave us The Naughty Secretary's Club's Jennifer Perkins, Action Jackson, and Artists for Austin,, to name a few. According to the Austin City Connection, "the creative sector in Austin is a $2.2 billion industry that contributes over $48 million annually to the City tax base and over 44,000 jobs." Part of that vibrant scene revolves around a little diamond in the rough called The Wondercraft,a vintage airstream named Stella turned diy craftsmobile and boutique. According to their website, "the WonderCraft exists to help everyone achieve a more creative lifestyle. The WonderCraft's mission is to propagate daily creativity and passion for its staff, students, local artists and patrons, by way of mobile classes, creative parties and events, and one-of-a-kind, artistic products. These services and products will be offered through a combination of shared space belonging to local businesses and an eye-catching, vintage trailer that travels wherever the need for artistic expression exists. We hope that our iconic Airstream trailer will inspire wonder and leave a trail of creativity in its wake."

Here are some pics of The Wondercraft's innovative owners and boutique:

The WonderCraft gals! top to bottom: Jenifer Bryan, Beth Hempton, Kimberly Sae-Eua & Beth Albrecht.

The Wondercraft's February 2010 Grand Opening.

Renovating Stella.

Stella When She Was First Found in Victoria, Texas

You can buy these here

The Wondercraft is here. If you find yourself in Austin, go explore!

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