Sunday, March 30, 2008

My recent thrift scores

Aqua swirl bowl, $2 clearance table, Aunt Katie's attic kitchenware store

Child's toy refrigerator tin panel, $8 at local flea market

Embroidered runner, $2 at Catholic Charities thrift shop

Cool old dutch oven, $5 at a local flea market

Retro red Swingline stapler, $2.00, Catholic Charities thrift shop

60s Pyrex casserole dish, 75 cents at a flea market. How I love my Pyrex!

More Pyrex goodness, $5 at a local antique market

Vintage tablecloths, $4 Each at a Catholic Charities thrift store

And, some of my favorite recent barware flea market finds:

I collect swizzle sticks! Poker glass, 75 cents at a local flea market

$3.99 Kromex ice bucket with bakelite handle, Goodwill

75 cents Don Ho scotch glass

My eBay and thrift store highball glasses

I love martini shakers! 50 cents each!

This shaker is so unusual!

All can be found in my Flickr photo albums (my user name is Spaceagetiki): Spaceagetiki's Flickr page


Lisa B. said...

You have had a lot of great finds!! Love the highball glasses v. cool!!

meghan said...

oh. that one glass to the left of the 4 glasses looks like the starburst pattern. Wonderful.

Lidian said...

Wow, you found som amazing things!

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