Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amish in their Sunday Best and Pyrex...What's not to love?

I took the most amazing drive today. We live in Amish country, so a drive up Route 10 North to Stone Arabia and Ephratah yields spectacular farm views, Victorian churches, homesteads featuring fresh-baked elderberry pies, quilts, and Adirondack chairs and, of course, garage sales of epic proportions. So, under gorgeous azure skies, we drove through cornfields and passed Amish families in their Sunday best, their buggies and horses gleaming in the sun. We passed groups of Amish men in their black-and-white tuxedo-like finery, gathered at a home for Sunday dinner. We passed an old stone church, many beautiful farms, and came to the holy grail: a lawn sale filled to the brim with Pyrex! It was an estate sale, so the contents of a lovely old home overlooking breathtaking country views were being sold. Scattered over the lawn were mid-century modern treasures of every description. Here is what I scored:

4 mint Butterfly-pattern Pyrex mugs, with matching mug tree

1 mint small red Pyrex refrigerator container with lid

1 atomic-style Pyrex coffee carafe

1 working Oster chrome beehive blender from the 50s

1 clear mint Fireking mixing bowl

1 mint set of melamine picnicware (cups and matching
compartmentalized plates)in its original bag

4 painted wrought-iron trivets with homey sayings

1 red 50s lucite fruit bowl

Final cost: $12. And that includes a newer steel thermos that DH bought for work.

This area is a gold mine for antiquers! There are still some places in this country where garage sales are bona fide bargains sold by honest, friendly, simple folks. I love living here.


Lidian said...

Wow, I wish I could come along too! That is the best lot of retro stuff for the best price I've heard of in some time.

Retromodgirl said...

Thank you, Lidian! If you are ever in Central New York, in the 13317 zip code, stop by and say hi! I would love to meet you and go garage-sale-ing (is that a word?) with you!

Anonymous said...

wow!! That is such a find! I love my FireKing bowls! Nothing better then enjoying the day & comming home with great stuff!!


keep on hunting!

Anonymous said...

hey! if you ladies are going yard sailing, dont forget about me! Long Island NY here!


Cocktail Nation said...

Hey there, I dig your blog, I am planning on giving it a plug on my podcast this can hear the show

fifties and sixties lounge along with the latest neo lounge and news from the world of swank....great work darling.

Koop Kooper

Retromodgirl said...

MyGuyFriday, don't worry, you're invited too!

Koop--Thank you so much for the compliment and the rec! Your show looks awesome, can't wait to hear it!

Celia Pleete said...

Congrats on your awesome finds! Vintage Pyrex in central PA goes for mucho moolah, sadly.

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