Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two of my design idols just started blogs!!

I'm so excited! Why didn't they do this before?

Introducing new blogs from two of my favorite design gurus, one international, another local: Rachel Ashwell, and Aunt Katie of that gem of a vintage kitchen store, Aunt Katie's Attic. Check them out:

Shabby Chic


Aunt Katie's Attic



Anonymous said...

Oh My God! Get me a shopping cart cause I'm hauling that refridge home! I would get nuts in a place like that! it makes me crazy!!! Wrap it up I want it all! Love your blog! I will put you on my blog roll totally! Vintage forever!



Anonymous said...

haha! Street shopping, I have been calling it that for years! Totally use it in your blog if you want - I always have a "runner" with me, a friend who I yell at, "Hurry get it" and pop the trunk! Then we haul ass home to see what i found - My friends hated going, I was always like stop thinking it's garbage picking, it's shopping (haha) "Hurry get it" slam on the brakes and hit the highbeans on the curb, haul it and go" !


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