Friday, March 06, 2009

Aunt Katie's Attic is #1 by Metroland Readers!

Remember my post about my favorite local antiques store, Aunt Katie's Attic? Well, my favorite local arts weekly, Metroland, rated it #1 Best Antique Store for 2009 in their Reader's poll. They listed it as follows:

"Best Antiques

1. Aunt Katie’s Attic

2. Bournebrook Antique Center

3. At the Warehouse

An eclectic selection of exciting locations to unearth that ancient treasure."

So there you have it. I have been validated in my love of vintage kitchenware!


Robby Cress said...

That ice box is fabulous. Reminds me of the one my grandparents used to have at their cottage.

Keith said...

Wow! That place looks amazing.

Vintage Clothiers said...

Ya this is a great shop! Katie is my friend and she is a great lady with a big heart!!! I have a physical shop real close to Katie's shop. We must be! Give me a yell if you would like to visit sometime. I'm closed for the winter but open May 1st. I get itchy in mid April if it is nice out I open early. Deborah @ vintageclothiersboutique

aunt katie said...

Hey girl. Thanks for the rah rah rah!!! Stop by soon and see our glam girly boutique reveal at the 14th anniversary open house,, April 2nd! As always, we are loading up the kitchen with treats....big sale coming up!
Happy day.
aunt katie

Anonymous said...

Hi girl,
Thanks for the rah rah rah! Stop by soon to see the fab girly boutique reveal at the 14 anniversary open house 4-2-09. Big sale on all vintage goodies, and we are busy adding all sorts of new delights.
Happy day,
aunt katie

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